This is just a quick little post about a small Alfred extension I put together that lets you easily unmount all of your drives. I take my laptop and one of two of my external drives back and forth with me to work so I am always ejecting them, I wanted a fast and easy way to disconnect them that didn't require me opening up finder and scrolling down to click the eject buttons.

I bought a small App Store app, unDock ($1), which worked perfectly and even had the ability to set a keyboard shortcut to unmount all your drives. However, I wanted something that would work across all the macs I work on without me having to log into the app store on each one. Yes I am aware they will all need to have Alfred on them but most of the computers I use have Alfred on them so this is not an issue for me.

On that note I give you Unmount, a very simple Alfred (Applescript) extension that will unmount all your attached drives except your network and optical drives. All you have to do is type "unmount", or whatever keyword you choose to use, and all of your drives will be ejected. It's that simple, really thats all I've got, enjoy!