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New Soylent Recipe

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After taking a few days (Last Thursday-Saturday) off Soylent I made a new batch on Sunday. Here is my altered recipe, Tyler and I re-did the whole thing to have the default serving sizes for everything and then you just change the "Soylent Serving" to adjust the totals. It is much easier to tweak and play with now and the instructions auto-update with the amounts. Tyler has a slightly different recipe that I will link to when I get a chance to get the link from him. I know that some of my numbers are high but I checked them all to make sure they weren't too high.

Unfortunately I am not a nutritionist and while my google-fu is strong my knowledge of what I am googling is quite weak. It is due to this that my daily intake values are not correct. They are the max across all age/sex/body type/activity so tonight I will be re-doing it with the correct values for someone in my age range and whatnot. That said I did feel much better on Sunday (2/3 meals Soylent) and today I had Soylent for breakfast and felt fine.

Playing with the taste definitely helped, thanks Rob! I added a little chocolate syrup and it helped remove the bland taste. Also adding crushed ice (mainly just making it colder) and drinking through a straw (So I didn't end up drinking what had settled to the bottom last) improved the experience. Our vanilla extract (another thing some people say helps) smelled funky so I didn't try and of it but next time I go to the store I plan on picking up some more.

I know it's a short update but I don't have a ton to report on. I didn't feel very hungry either day so that is plus but on Sunday I did still crave real food (no where near as bad as before). I saw this post suggesting that splitting up your carbohydrates throughout the day could make you hungrier but I haven't had a chance to read the linked articles and resulting discussion, I plan on reading it tonight. I'll update when I have more.