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My Mac Apps

I have a friend who is setting up a new Macbook for work and while this is not his first Mac it's the first he will be using as a daily driver in some time. I also am setting up a new Macbook I got from work and I have been sending my friend the apps I like and use.…

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Alfred Extension: Unmount

This is just a quick little post about a small Alfred extension I put together that lets you easily unmount all of your drives. I take my laptop and one of two of my external drives back and forth with me to work so I am always ejecting them, I wanted a fast and easy way to disconnect them that didn't require me opening up finder and scrolling down to click the eject buttons. I bought a small App Store app, unDock ($1), which worked perfectly and even had the ability to set a keyboard shortcut to unmount all your drives. However, I wanted something that would work across all the macs I work on…

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