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How to setup growl notifications for Beanstalk Deployments [Updated]

A few months ago I wrote a blog post on How to setup growl notifications for Beanstalk Deployments using boxcar and a small script to call out to the API. Since then I have found boxcar to not be to optimal solution so here is the updated way to setup growl notifications for Beanstalk. There are 3 main components to this project: PusherApp, Heroku, and MacGap. This post will walk you through each step to set this up on your own system. This also provides you with an easy way to send Growl notifications to your computer for any reason. Lets get started!   Step one: Install MacGap on your Mac. M…

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Demote - A Drupal plugin that might speed up your site

Recently I was trying to track down why a Drupal site that I wrote had such slow loading times on the homepage. The issue wasn't due to the page needing to download a lot of items, I had already looked into that. It seemed that the server was very slow to serve up the page. At first I wrote it off to being a massive site with hundreds of thousands of images and too many contrib modules, however other sites on the same server were performing fine and the server had actually been scaled up multiple times due to it needing more storage space (Yes, S3, I love it and would have used it except that…

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