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How to setup growl notifications for Beanstalk Deployments [Updated]

A few months ago I wrote a blog post on How to setup growl notifications for Beanstalk Deployments using boxcar and a small script to call out to the API. Since then I have found boxcar to not be to optimal solution so here is the updated way to setup growl notifications for Beanstalk. There are 3 main components to this project: PusherApp, Heroku, and MacGap. This post will walk you through each step to set this up on your own system. This also provides you with an easy way to send Growl notifications to your computer for any reason. Lets get started!   Step one: Install MacGap on your Mac. M…

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Introducing - Simple Dropbox sharing

Over the past few days I have been working on a little side project called It was originally going to be called Drop.Sh/are but after buying that domain name, creating all my graphics, and coding about 90% of it I read the Dropbox branding guide which states: Do not prefix your app name with "Drop.". So I had to go look for a new domain name. I then found and were open and not too expensive (I had already dropped $99 on Unfortunately I do not live in Europe and therefore cannot buy ".re" domain names (Side note: If you do live in Europe I w…

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How to setup growl notifications for Beanstalk Deployments

UPDATE: This post is out of date, please check out How to setup growl notifications for Beanstalk Deployments [Updated] So recently I started playing around with git and pre/post-deployment hooks on Beanstalk (10% off through that link). I have used Beanstalk in the past through work but never really dove into all of it's features. Beanstalk, for those of you who don't know, is SVN and GIT repository hosting but it also supports deployments which allow you to easily push code to your servers via FTP/SFTP or SSH commands that it will run on your remote server. I used SSH for deployment because…

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